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Free Diabetes Testing Supplies right to your Door!!

That's right, you could have your diabetes testing supplies delivered right to your door with little to No out of pocket expense, whether you are on insulin or not. can help determine if you are eligible. Click Here to find out if you are eligible. has the exclusive "To Your Home" delivery program to help you take advantage your Medicare and insurance coverage. Your diabetes testing supplies may be covered if you have diabetes and you test your blood sugar.

If you have Medicare and supplemental insurance your diabetic supplies may be FREE!. We will send a 3-month supply of diabetes testing supplies delivered to

your home, with no charge for shipping.

We bill Medicare and your insurance company, so there are no claim forms for you to

fill out and there's no waiting for reimbursement. Our friendly reminder service will contact you when it’s time to reorder, so you can be confident of having the supplies you need when you need them!

We have been helping to make life with diabetes easier. We offer quality diabetic testing supplies and the convenience of over 500 products for diabetes care.


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